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Assisted Living

Take a nap. Take a walk. Enjoy peace of mind.

Our assisted living units may just be the perfect living arrangement for you or your loved one.

Many seniors find assisted living a comforting alternative to the residence they have lived in for years. As loved ones age, they find the need for housekeeping and nursing assistance. Assisted living allows your loved one to remain independent while having the comfort of medical assistance immediately available, along with regular housekeeping service to keep your family member's living quarters neat and clean.

What sets Macon Health Care Center assisted living apart is the benefit of being attached to a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center. This provides for much higher staff and availability of more professionals such as physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, and more, right on the premises.

Meals are fabulous, and the staff is continually monitoring eating habits and administering medication to make sure your loved one is getting their proper daily needs.

Assisted living is an appropriate living alternative for many seniors. Residents can choose to stroll the handicap accessible walkways around the center or in the courtyards or maybe enjoy coffee and chit-chat with friends. Some might take in a movie or go on a shopping trip. Others play pitch or skipbo-some may even join in a bingo game.

Get your hair done. Take a nap. Take a walk. Take your time. Enjoy peace of mind at Macon Health Care Center. Every day is different and full of activity; you choose your level of involvement.

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